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Scott Air Force Base Building P-4 Renovation

Location: Belleville, Illinois
Client: US Air Force
Size: $3,800,000

Complete renovation of the historic 18th Air Force Headquarters buildings at Scott Air Force Base. The overall renovation encompassed five buildings dating from the 1930's through the 1970's. Guarantee’s assignment involved updating the buildings’ electrical and communications systems to levels consistent with the Air Force’s 21st Century mission, while preserving the historic character of the original facilities.

Originally assigned late in 2011, governmental delays postponed the actual start of the renovation effort until September 2014, which pushed the project into a severely compacted schedule.  Characterized by a multitude of changes, the five building effort was completed by March, 2015.

Making use of Guarantee’s preconstruction planning expertise, the GECO project team adapted and addressed the changing needs of the client, which were significantly impacted by improvements in digital systems technology since the original approach was approved in 2011.

An important feature of our work at the Air Force Base involved furnishing and managing the installation of multiple classified levels of telecommunications infrastructure. This involved the rough-in and installation of a vertical fiber and copper horizontal backbone, supporting voice/data systems. The task set included fiber optic cabling ultimately providing ultra-high bandwidth to the desk; it also included providing visibly segregated and labeled top secret SIPRNet cabling and conduit. In addition, GECO’s systems team installed an advanced CCTV network including the furnishing and installation of a complete Honeywell Vindicator Electronic Security System that included the manufacturer’s suite of networked video system controls (VCC), access controls (ACS) and intruder detection systems (IDS) infrared transmitters and receivers, etc.

Guarantee’s electrical and systems installation teams were able to complete the five building renovation within twelve months. More importantly, they were able to deliver power and light and 21st Century technology with complete transparency in the historically significant 18th Air Force Headquarters building. Fully equipped for fulfillment of the Air Force’s mission the new Century with LED lighting, Fiber to the desk with the latest digital security systems the installations are essentially invisible as they preserve the character of these significant, original Scott Air Force Base buildings.

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