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What once was a novelty is becoming mainstream—seeing an electric vehicle (EV) on the road used to be a somewhat rare occurrence. It is not uncommon now to see a handful of electric vehicles during a single morning commute. 

A combination of affordability, environmental awareness, extended vehicle range, in addition to federal, state and local utility incentives, are helping to fuel demand for electric vehicles. The infrastructure to support electric vehicles needs to be built in tandem with this demand. 

Guarantee Electrical’s President, David Gralike, comments on the state of electric vehicles and charging stations in the St. Louis region with Fox 2 News. 




The cost to install an EV charging station can vary based on a few factors.  

  • What type of EV station do you want to install? Level 2 or Level 3? 
  • Do you want the ability to charge users, or is the unit a convenience to customers or employees?  
  • Is power currently available at the charging location?  
  • Are incentives available in your area to help offset the installation costs?  

Guarantee Electrical’s Energy Solutions Division can help you answer these questions and determine what is right for your property.  

Electric vehicles are one aspect of a movement towards a more sustainable environment. Energy-efficient lighting, smart building controls and solar power are additional components of a turnkey approach to “greening” the built environment.


Contact Dena Schmid, Senior Project Manager – Energy Solutions, to learn more about electric vehicle charging stations and Guarantee Electrical’s other energy solution services 

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