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Kevin Hilzinger – Creator of the Electro Post EP-10 - Top Product of 2021 EPS Magazine

Posted on February 21, 2022 in: General News

Kevin Hilzinger – Creator of the Electro Post EP-10 - Top Product of 2021 EPS Magazine

Electro Post EP-10

Kevin Hilzinger – Creator of the Electro Post EP-10


Kevin Hilzinger, a Senior Electrical Designer for GECO Engineering Corporation spent the first 21 years of his career as a journeyman electrician in the field as well as running various jobs as a foreman. Kevin always had an interest in finding ways to simplify the process for electricians whether that would be finding a safer installation method, using a particular type of material to speed up the install, or just simply create a way that allowed for prefabrication.  Prefabrication is a process where the electrician can complete a portion of the job in a safer and more controlled environment.  Introducing Electro-Post! A less expensive, faster, safer, and smarter option for any electrical contractor.


There are basically four main factors that ultimately drive the success and profitability of an electrical contractor. Those factors are to be less expensive, faster, safer, and smarter. In the conceptual phase of developing the Electro Post EP-10, Kevin put those four factors to the forefront, and they remained the priority the entire way.


Kevin realized that there were several products available for mounting electrical boxes INSIDE of a wall, and attached to the studs, but there wasn’t really a solution for OUTSIDE of a stud wall.  Right now, a common process for installing a junction box above a ceiling is to typically attach beam clamps to the back of the box and secure the box all way up to the building steel or whatever else you can find up high. There are two problems with this current method.  The first issue is that buildings are required to have fireproof insulation applied to the steel.  So, to install the box with beam clamps, you either must chisel off the insulation, which is frowned upon and not allowed by the Fire Marshall or attach your box prior to insulation.  The second issue is that the steel is usually 14 to 15 feet up in the air. Not to mention the accessibility issues you might run into but imagine trying to get up to the box safely on a ladder when you have to squeeze your body between plumbing, ductwork, or even steam lines just to access your box.  Ductwork alone could potentially make the electrical box virtually inaccessible.  The Electro-Post brings safety to mind and keeps the electrician closer to the ground. We all know the staggering statistics of injuries caused by a ladder. The Electra post provides a SAFER and SMARTER option for installation and brings it down to a safer level.


Electro-Post, your Company Solution to Safety, Cost, and Productivity!


The Back Story


Kevin Hilzinger began his electrical career in January of 1996, completing an 8,000-hour electrical apprenticeship to become a Journeyman Electrician through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW, Local One). He has spent more than 2 decades as an electrician in industrial and commercial environments.

In 2017, Kevin was working at a large office building in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, remodeling offices according to plans. As an electrician, the first step is to always find the junction box and circuit feeding the area and isolate the power in order to properly and safely address what needs to be changed.

That part was a total NIGHTMARE. No two areas were the same. Every area was a different scenario, and the junction boxes were never in the same place. This took sometimes literally half the day, just troubleshooting where power was fed, or came to first, after leaving the panel.

One thing was consistent – all the junction boxes were attached to the steel beam using two beam clamps to the back of the box. The electrician had to chisel off a portion of the fireproof insulation from the beam and secure the box all the way up to building steel. The electrician couldn't just screw the box to the stud during construction, because the person installing drywall would have to cut around every box, which would not be ideal, so their only choice was to go higher.

Every time they lifted a ceiling tile, dirt and insulation would fall on the floor where they worked. If this was in an area where people were working, that was MORE time spent, just cleaning up afterward.

Kevin went through this process for over three weeks, and finally had that "light bulb" moment. These office walls in the corridors rarely went all the way up to the ceiling. His thought was to create a product that attached to the top stud plate depending on the stud width that could properly secure a box.

The ideal location for every Electro-Post would be above the ceiling around the door, where the light switch would ultimately be located. Kevin researched and talked to many carpenters in order to determine the most common wall widths. He designed the Electro Post EP-10 to accommodate all those sizes, and to be folded to whichever wall width is needed.

Kevin Hilzinger now works as a Senior Electrical Designer for one of the largest commercial and industrial electrical contractors in Saint Louis, MO. His priority was to take his vision and bring it to life, in order to give the electricians out there today a safer and more productive option while out in the field.

This new product promotes a NEW method of installation, but one that is faster, safer and smarter, ultimately saving electrical contractors a ton of money.


Introducing the Electro Post EP-10 prototype to SP Products

A little over 3 years ago, I decided to reach out to a few companies regarding my vision and idea.  SP Products immediately called back and sent me an NDA to fill out prior to discussion.  After that, we had roughly an hour conversation over the phone which ended in them wanting me to send them my prototype.  The original concept started with paper, then three versions of an actual metal fabricated part.  SP Products received the 3rd version of my prototype, and we further discussed the opportunities over the phone.  After this conversation is when they decided to officially pick up the product and carry it forward as part of their SP Products product line.  This was right before COVID.  Everything ran smooth and after two rigorous UL testing sessions, the product had passed and was officially introduced at the 2021 NECA Show in Nashville, TN. I was invited by SP Products to stand beside them in their booth. I now sit back and support SP Products as they market the Electro Post EP-10 with the rest of their product line.

Electro Post EP-10 - Catalog # IP27b


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