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Emily Martin - Executive Vice President of Guarantee Electrical Company

Posted on March 11, 2022 in: General News

Emily Martin - Executive Vice President of Guarantee Electrical Company

Emily Martin has worked in the construction industry for 24 years and began leading Aschinger Electric in 2007 as President. She is the fourth generation of family leadership, and under her leadership, revenues grew 75% as the company continued to make advancements in technology.
Now in 2022, Emily Martin is the Executive Vice President at Guarantee Electrical Company and Aschinger Electric is now a business unit recognized as Aschinger Electric, a Guarantee Electrical Company.
Emily has admitted that she did not initially see herself running an electrical contracting business. She began her career as a lawyer, earning her Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri – Kansas City after earning a history degree from Fontbonne University. After completing her studies an opportunity arose to enter the family business and advance the next generation of family entrepreneurship. Emily embraced that opportunity, learning about the unique challenges of electrical contracting from her father, Eric Aschinger.
Being a successful entrepreneur in a challenging field has not been easy and inspiring more women to enter the construction industry is a huge priority for Emily. She influences through mentorship and speaking engagements to women and women’s groups such as NECA St. Louis Chapter (where she serves as Chapter Governor), Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, Habitat for Humanity, St. Louis County Electrical Examining Board, and others. Emily emphasizes the importance of developing business relationships and community involvement as steps toward building a rewarding career in the industry, stating that “as community leaders and industry pioneers in their own right, each of these women—as determined by a cadre of their peers and colleagues—exemplifies excellence, a hard work ethic, dynamic leadership, creativity, vision, and generosity of time and service to build and encourage future female leaders and help clear a pathway for more women to excel in a traditionally male-dominated industry.”
Guarantee Electrical Company is proud to appoint Emily as the first ever female to be a part of the Guarantee Leadership Team alongside Rick Oertli, Rich Ledbetter, Dave Gralike, Jason Wiegand, Jeremy Wilson, and Josh Voegtli. We look forward to continued diversity, growth, and success in all future endeavors.


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