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St. Louis, MO – Guarantee Electrical recently completed another hospital expansion project in Missouri.  Working with owner SSM Health and Alberici Healthcare Constructors, St. Joseph’s Hospital West recently expanded the footprint and services at its Lake St. Louis, Missouri facility.  As part of Phase II of the West Master Facility Plan, a new four-story vertical addition, includes a mechanical systems penthouse atop the expansion, the addition of 70 patient rooms; the construction of a new endoscopy center powered to accommodate state-of-the-technology imaging equipment and laboratories; as well as a new pharmacy -- all involving expansion of the existing electrical systems to accommodate the new floors and services along with new construction wiring and control panels, etc.  “The complexity of executing a vertical expansion in an operating healthcare facility cannot be understated when you consider sustaining patient safety, hospital operations and services during construction.” added David Gralike Senior Vice President, Guarantee Electrical Company.

GECO’s history of performance in healthcare electrical construction was a critical factor in keeping the highly compressed construction schedule intact.  Brian Crawford, Project Director for Alberici Healthcare Constructors added, “I was grateful for GECO's expertise in healthcare facilities construction, making sure, for example that we would have sufficient power and bandwidth to support the owner's vision in an ultra-competitive marketplace, today and for the foreseeable future.  Throughout the project, from preconstruction through completion, GECO was a responsive, collaborative partner.”  

Following Guarantee’s standard practice, the complexity and scale of the project involved systematic preconstruction planning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) which was instrumental in enabling the close coordination necessary with Alberici and Murphy Company in assuring flawless integration of the existing facility with the new addition.  Among numerous technical improvements St. Joseph’s West now has a vastly increased wireless coverage featuring a rooftop distributed antenna system (DAS) reinforced by two more traditional Core Data Rooms providing both single and multi-mode communications connecting three (3) new telecommunications rooms, plus another 70 ceiling mounted wireless access points distributed throughout the expansion.

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