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AGC’s Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) program is the industry’s elite safety excellence awards program for companies of all sizes and occupational divisions. The selection process is unique because invited finalists make presentations to judges who then ask each finalist a series of probing questions. CSEA recognizes companies that have developed and implemented premier safety and risk control programs and showcases companies that have achieved continuous improvements and maintenance of their safety and health management systems. 

Guarantee was recently selected as the winner for the national award due to its comprehensive safety program which is driven by stressing competency over mere compliance.  To wit, Guarantee has one of the lowest Experienced Modification Rates (EMR) and Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) in the electrical industry. 

Unlike other safety award programs which limit the criteria to frequency rates, the CSEA selection process is considerably more comprehensive.  Each applicant is reviewed for evidence of:

  • Company management commitment
  • Active employee participation
  • Safety training
  • Work site hazard identification and control
  • Safety program innovation

According to Dennis Dubitsky, Corporate Director of Safety and Risk Management for Guarantee Electrical Company, “From top to bottom we focus on competency.  Competency is about the independence of the individual workers who have been provided the training, tools and resources, and empowering them to continuously monitor their environment for hazards, allowing them to take all necessary action to work risk free.  Competency is also about senior management leading the process and creating an environment that makes safe, quality production the focus thereby protecting both the individual and the bottom line.”

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